Your Greek partner in Law!

In recent years the Sovereign Debt crisis put Greece to the test and revealed several conflicting aspects of its culture and legal infrastructure. The outcome is not yet fully defined but the vast majority of Greeks reasserted their European orientation and their desire to maintain a democracy that safeguards civil rights, facilitates entrepreneurship and promotes social responsibility.

During this period of change, the importance of proper legal advise in Greece is paramount. Laws and statutes are revised and new rules are coming into force –Tax and Labor Law, for instance, is now fundamentally restructured. To properly monitor, interpret and apply this rich body of legislature takes a highly professional team of experienced lawyers who can cover different law sectors. Although there is an abundance of lawyers in Greece, the task of selecting the ones you can trust is not easy, especially in the fields of Corporate, Banking, Industrial and Property Law where, besides jurisprudence, clients also need technical knowledge of the market, negotiation skills and confidentiality

Primius Law Firm was established in the second largest Greek city, Thessaloniki, to offer these values to clients from Greece and abroad. It is one of the most prominent law firms in Northern Greece because it balances experience and high professional ethics with in-depth knowledge of Greek and European legislation and law practice in the fields of Banking Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Competition Law, Tax Law and Labor Law.

Primius is the Greek representative of JUST ONE -the cooperative network of European Law Firms- and operates an active network of lawyers in Athens and other major Greek cities.